Use of thermocouple flameout protection device for cooker

(1) Before using the cooker, you must first ensure that the gas for the accessories of the cooker is the same as that of your home, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to use it. Secondly, the installation of the cooker must comply with the requirements of the instruction manual, otherwise accidents may occur, or the cooker may not operate normally.
(2) Check whether the battery is installed. For built-in cooktops, one or two AA batteries are generally used. For desktop cooktops, batteries are generally not used. When installing the battery, make sure that the positive and negative poles of the battery are correct.
(3) The stove needs to be readjusted after the stove is newly installed or cleaned: check whether the fire cover (firearm) is correctly placed on the burner; The flame should be clear blue, without red, and the root of the flame should not be separated from the fire cover (also known as off-fire); when burning, there should be no “flutter, flutter” sound (called tempering) inside the burner.
(4) When the combustion is not normal, the damper needs to be adjusted. The damper is a thin iron sheet that can be rotated forward and reverse by hand at the joint between the furnace head and the control valve. On the side of each burner, there are generally two damper plates, which control the outer ring fire (outer ring fire) and the inner ring fire (inner ring fire) respectively. From the bottom of the cooker, it is easier to judge. When adjusting the damper, try to turn it left and right until the flame burns normally (adjusting the position of the damper to ensure that the flame burns normally is the key to the normal use of the cooker, otherwise it is easy to cause the flame to not burn the probe and cause the flame to go out or to let go after igniting the fire). For a reasonably designed cooker, after adjusting the flame burning condition, it can ensure that the flame burns the top position of the probe.
(5) After adjusting the position of the damper (or the burning condition of the flame), start to run the cooker. Press the knob by hand (until it can no longer be pressed down), turn the knob to the left, and ignite (after lighting the fire, you must continue to press the knob for 3~5 seconds before letting go, otherwise, it is easy to let go after lighting the fire. off). When you let go after more than 5 seconds, if you still let go and turn off the flame, it is generally because the stove is faulty and needs to be repaired.
(6) The cooker will automatically turn off due to water droplets on the bottom of the pot or wind blowing during operation. At this point, all you need to do is restart the hob.
(7) After using the cooker for a period of time, if you see a black layer of dirt deposited on the top of the probe, please clean it up in time, otherwise it will cause the cooker to run abnormally, automatically turn off, or press for too long when igniting.

Post time: Oct-28-2022